Things of Note

~ Top is most recent ~

> KittyCAD had its first initial Product Launch!

> Took part in another panel for GenHeration ~

> Joined the founding team at KittyCAD - 💥 We're hiring! 💥

> Pixar Tools LookDev screen credit on Luca

> Invited to a panel for GenHeration - talked with young students about engineering and answering career, life, and just overall interesting questions

> Started working at Pixar Animation Studios

> Had a fun interview with Penn Engineering

> Graduated with a Masters Degree in Computer Graphics and Game Technology [1][2] under advisor Dr. Stephen Lane

> Helped found Penn WIA the first Penn Women in Animation chapter

> Received the ACM / Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) Scholarship Award 2019 for academic achievement/professional commitment to the ACM student community

> Started TAing the CIS 565 GPU Programming and Architecture Course under Patrick Cozzi and Shehzan Mohammed

> Interned on the Unity Data Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS) team - first intern for them ever, back when the team was about ~14 people.

> Graduated with an Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science : Digital Media Design under advisor Dr. Norman Badler

> Received the Dawn and Welton Becket Digital Media Design Achievement Award for exemplifying the ideals of the DMD program through outstanding achievement, citizenship, and mentoring

> Received the Penn Engineering Exceptional Service Award in recognition of service to the University

> Inducted into Penn's Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) Honor Society

> Led Penn Siggraph, as Chairman, to win the 2019 ACM Student Chapter Excellence Award for Outstanding Chapter Activities for the first time in chapter history

> Started TAing the EAS 205 Linear Algebra, Applications of Scientific Computation Course under Dr. Chenfanfu Jiang

> Started TAing the CIS 563 Physically Based Animation Course under Dr. Chenfanfu Jiang

> Nominated and interviewed for a Professional Siggraph Member Profile

> Worked on and helped present NVIDIA's NvWebView Holodeck feature at Siggraph 2018

> Interned at NVIDIA on their Tegra software graphics team working on Holodeck features

> Received the ACM-W Scholarship to attend the Siggraph 2018 Conference

> Interned on the Cesium team at AGI/Ansys on their javascript-based global rendering engine

> Started TAing the CIS 461/561 Advanced Computer Graphics, Rendering Course under Dr. Norman Badler and Dr Adam Mally

> Recipient of the Donovan Scholarship for the Research Internship program under Dr. Stephen Lane and Dr. Chenfanfu Jiang

> Invited as 1 of 8 (from 500) engineering TAs to help the inception of the Engineering TA Training workshops at Penn in '17 and assisted every semester up until graduation

> Started TAing the CIS 460/560 Intro to Interactive Computer Graphics Course (by professor's request) under Dr. Benedict Brown and Dr. Adam Mally

> Started TAing the CIS 110 Intro to Computer Science Course under Dr. Benedict Brown and Dr. Adam Mally

> Started TAing the Java Processing Application Workshop for Art students under Ellen Duong

> Started as a student at the University of Pennsylvania

> Graduated High School at Harker